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MSG was established to provide expert worry free Contract Negotiation services to Healthcare industry clients. MSG is industry recognized and brings precision, dedication and professionalism to their clients. We leverage our relationships with major MSOs, IPAs, Medical Groups, and Health Plans to optimize Managed Care contracts for our clients. We have certified claims processors and recovery staff to maximize your revenue.


  • Our team has over 15 years of experience in managing, communicating, creating, streamlining, and implementing strategic initiatives related to stakeholders, client requirements and rate specific contracts and business relationships of all types
  • Implementing and streamlining new Medical Groups, IPA, Ancillary providers, Physicians, SNFs and Hospital business operations
  • Analyzing financial impact on organization by reviewing profit and loss, sales and margin reports by vendor or client and representing organization’s proposals
  • Well-built knowledge of State and Federal laws/programs
  • Firm attitude in improving contract management and provider relations through out the entire revenue cycle from contract negotiation through reimbursement for rendered services
  • Excellent analytical and communication skills on highly complex, politically sensitive projects by identifying business issues and development of appropriate action plans utilizing differing and competing multidisciplinary perspectives
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